Focus on your practice, not on the paperwork

Finally, dental professionals can focus all of their energy on their patients—Specialty Smile Partners takes care of the rest. Whether you want to practice for 10 more months, or 10 more years, we understand and are prepared to help you transition your practice and continue your success.

Take the stress out of doing what you love

We preserve your clinical autonomy, provide the work/life balance you seek, and support your hometown practice and hard-earned legacy.

A seamless, comprehensive transition process

Doctor-Driven Dental Support Organization led by Dr. Steve Kristo

Access to executive Specialty Smile Partners leadership

Continuation of your hometown brand

Autonomy and control over your practice

Legacy and succession planning

Smiles in Motion Pediatric Dentistry Doctor Team

Peer groups who share your values

Dr. Kevin Chapman Transitions to DSO SIMKO Specialty Dental

I wish I had a team like Specialty Smile Partners in my life 20 years ago. They have helped me do a better job, because I can focus on just orthodontics. My practice is affiliated with Specialty Smile Partners, but I’m still Chapman Orthodontics. It’s great being able to do what I’ve always done through the years. Only now, I’m doing it better!

Kevin Chapman, DMD

Transitioned Orthodontic practice in 2020

Specialty Smile Partners is here to support you

Specialty Smile Partners recognizes that every dental professional has a unique path to success. We guide you through our seamless transition process and support you every day after.

We support you personally

We work with you on your unique needs, whether it’s reaching a work/life balance that keeps you energized and motivated or identifying an associate doctor to carry on your legacy.

  1. Peer groups who share
    your values
  2. Access to executive leadership
  3. Retain your brand
    and clinical autonomy
  4. Legacy and success planning
  5. Greater earning potential
  6. Improved work/life balance

And professionally

Specialty Smile Partners is here to support you. We provide first-class business services, the latest technologies in our industry, and an expert team that takes the stress out of running the business. That way, you can focus on what’s most important: the patient.

  1. Access to cutting-edge clinical technology
  2. Cloud-based practice management software
  3. Invisalign® treatment ClinCheck support
  4. Human resources
  5. Team training
  6. Recruiting
  7. Credentialing
  8. Billing and collections
  9. Accounting and
    financial services
  10. Marketing & advertising
  11. IT support
  12. Procurement
Dr. Scott Smith Transitions to DSO SIMKO Specialty Dental

The transition experience with Specialty Smile Partners has been seamless. Anxiety will always come with change, but I can truly say that the people at Specialty Smile Partners, under the guidance of Drs. Kristo and Spitz, have been the difference maker. I haven’t thought of this process as selling—my experience has been one of partnership. And when it came to who I would partner with to continue and evolve my business, it was critical they shared my values. Specialty Smile Partners' focus on supporting extraordinary patient experiences made this a simple decision for me and my team.

Scott D. Smith, DDS, MS

Transitioned Pediatric Dentistry practice in 2020

We are
where you are

Specialty Smile Partners started in the Midwest and is expanding to a hometown near you. Our goal is to spread patient-centered specialty dentistry to everyone.