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What do you want to accomplish with your career? Whatever your goals, both personal and professional, Specialty Smile Partners can show you the path forward.

You can benefit from our services

Perhaps you've always dreamed of owning your own practice, or maybe your plan is to practice with a care-oriented organization that offers you the professional and personal balance ideal for you. Our fantastic mentors and like-minded professionals dedicated to exceptional patient experiences can help you navigate your way.

Great River Orthodontics staff member with smiling patient

Success planning

Commitment to a work/life balance that suits you

Accelerated growth and earning potential

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Paths to practice ownership

Access to leaders and mentors in the industry

Practice and business support

When I began my partnership with Specialty Smile Partners, one of the things I valued most was the emphasis on doctor-centric practice; SSP enables the provider to deliver care in the exact way they want. The SSP team has provided me with any tools or systems I request to treat patients in the way I am comfortable with. To this day, I feel a great sense of autonomy in my daily practice, and I credit that to the doctor-oriented stance that the company upholds.

Harrison Siu, DDS, MS

Specialty Smile Partners is here to support you

Specialty Smile Partners recognizes that every dental professional has a unique path to success. We guide you through our seamless onboarding process and support you every day after.

We support you personally

We work with you on your unique desires, whether it’s focused on growth and earnings potential or the type of work/life balance that keeps you energized and motivated.

  1. Peer groups who share
    your values
  2. Access to executive leadership
  3. Clinical autonomy
  4. Success planning
  5. Greater earning potential
  6. Improved work/life balance

And professionally

Specialty Smile Partners is here to support you. We provide first-class business services, the latest technologies in our industry, and an expert team that takes the stress out of running the business. That way, you can focus on what’s most important: the patient.

  1. Access to cutting-edge clinical technology
  2. Cloud-based practice management software
  3. Invisalign® treatment ClinCheck support
  4. Human resources
  5. Team training
  6. Recruiting
  7. Credentialing
  8. Billing and collections
  9. Accounting and
    financial services
  10. Marketing & advertising
  11. IT support
  12. Procurement
Dr. Erin Winn, Associate Pediatric Dentist at Smiles in Motion Pediatric Dentistry

Being a Pediatric Dentist at Smiles in Motion, a Specialty Smile Partners practice, is very fulfilling because it allows me the “best of both worlds”. I get to focus on patient care and clinical outcomes, while also remaining involved in important clinical decisions. I've always been grateful for the open communication and value that is placed on each team member. Smiles in Motion has always made a commitment to being a leader in patient care and dental advancements which means a lot of room for growth both professionally and clinically for me as a dentist.

Erin Winn, DDS

Associate dentist since 2012

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where you are

Specialty Smile Partners started in the Midwest and is expanding to a hometown near you. Our goal is to spread patient-centered specialty dentistry to everyone.