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Our vision is as simple as it is extraordinary

We want to celebrate specialty dentistry and the pediatric dentists and orthodontists who bring healthy smiles to so many faces. We insist that every community has access to specialty dental care for their families. And above all, we will create the fun and extraordinary experiences that make patients look forward to a lifetime of healthy smiles.

I wanted to create a special place for specialty dentistry and raise the bar on what we do and how we do it for the communities we live in.

Steve Kristo, DDS

Founding doctor

Doctors know what doctors need

Competition for hometown specialty dentists is rising. The daily burdens of practice operations leave little room for life outside the clinic, leading to doctor burnout and exhaustion. Not only are doctors expected to be full-time care providers, but specialists who can play CEO, CFO, marketing specialist, and human relations pro! With all these demands, it’s sometimes impossible to feel successful.

During their combined 50+ years of owning and operating successful practices, Dr. Steve Kristo, orthodontist, and Dr. Amanda Spitz, pediatric dentist, experienced many of the challenges facing specialty dentists today. Together, they realized that in order for specialists at all stages of their career to feel fulfilled, they needed a better platform to bring them together, provide support and mentorship, and champion the balance needed for personal and professional growth.

Dr. Steve Kristo and Dr. Amanda Spitz Found SIMKO Specialty Dental

A team approach to greatness

In 2017, Dr. Kristo and Dr. Spitz joined together to create a support organization for specialty dentists with quality care and positive culture as the priorities. Together, along with an executive team and growing home office to manage the business, Drs. Kristo and Spitz's partnership became Specialty Smile Partners—an organization committed to creating a robust network of specialty practices that celebrate care and culture, doctors and patients.

Specialty Smile Partners now represents a growing line of pediatric dentistry and orthodontic practices across the Midwest. Each office focuses on doctor and team happiness, with the belief that happy doctors means happier patients.

Specialty dentistry requires exceptional people

Our leadership team is committed to providing outstanding clinical outcomes, exceptional patient experiences, and meaningful community engagement through a network of exceptional hometown specialty dentists.

Our focus is on creating a supportive and collaborative care culture for our doctors and teams. By caring for each other we are happier, enjoy our work, and have the energy to continually provide exceptional care to patients.

Amanda Spitz, DDS

Founding doctor

Dr. Steve Kristo, SIMKO Specialty Dental Founder

Steve Kristo, DDS, MS

Founding doctor

Dr. Kristo has a long history in dentistry, as his father, Dr. Andrew Kristo, started their family-owned orthodontic practice in 1959. He joined the practice in 1988 and early on witnessed the life-transforming impact that an improved smile has on people’s lives and self-esteem. It became his motivation and his passion.

Today, Dr. Kristo focuses on helping children from all social dynamics improve their lives through orthodontic treatment. He knows that providing the highest-quality care has positive impacts for children, their families, and the community at large.

"I really do believe we are the future of specialty dentistry. I think someone who is joining Specialty Smile Partners right now is going to meet their financial goals, as well as all of their family and 'outside of work' goals. We give them time and energy back, position them in a successful environment, and give them upside potential."

Amanda Spitz, DDS

Founding doctor

Dr. Amanda Spitz, SIMKO Specialty Dental Founder

Determined to create a unique child-centered approach to dental care that would inspire children and families and prepare them for a lifetime of dental health, Dr. Spitz founded Smiles in Motion, Pediatric Dentistry in 2008. As a mother of two, she knows firsthand the importance of quality and honesty in health care, for both children and their parents.

Dr. Spitz’s goal is to build dental teams that have empathy and understand every child is unique, with different adaptability and coping skills. Therefore, she encourages her teams to make dentistry fun, comfortable, and informative every step of the way.

"Specialty Smile Partners is about supporting our providers and their teams so they can focus on providing patient experiences and care that is truly exceptional."

Headshot of Mark Musso

Mark Musso

President and COO

Mark Musso is an accomplished executive with over 25 years of leadership experience in the dental and medical fields. His career began at Target Corporation, where he spent 17 years refining his operational expertise and honing his leadership skills. In 2011, Mark transitioned to the Pedo/ortho/vision space, bringing his wealth of knowledge to these specialized areas, where he has made a significant impact over the past 12 years.

As an integral member of Specialty Smile Partners (SSP), Mark draws upon his extensive leadership experience to drive operational excellence and advance the success of affiliated practices. With his deep understanding of the dental and medical industries, coupled with his commitment to mentorship, Mark plays a vital role in fostering growth and development within SSP. His dedication to empowering others contributes to SSP’s mission of providing exceptional care and support to its partner practices

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